logo hccpHACCP Certification

Deltha Pharma, a company that develops and distributes food supplements, has obtained the HACCP certification, attesting to the constant and strict observance of all protocols and procedures aimed at preventing risks that may occur in the area of food safety.

certification iso9001ISO 9001 Certification

With the aim of meeting quality criteria for products and business process management, Deltha Pharma has established a quality management system and achieved ISO 9001 certification.

Through deep and constant commitment, Deltha Pharma has optimised its procedures and organisational structure according to established standards. In this way, the end customer can have full confidence that the products placed on the market correspond to certain specifications and that all steps in their production are traceable and verifiable.

Traceability is ensured throughout the entire supply chain, from raw materials to the finished product. All legal requirements are checked periodically. Specific KPIs (quality indicators) have been established, against which all processes are evaluated and any necessary action is taken.

certification iso14001ISO 14001 Certification

Deltha Pharma is actively committed to environmental sustainability; in 2020 Deltha Pharma started the ‘Delthapharma Green’ project, which later led to the implementation of ISO 14001. This certification prescribes the requirements for an environmental management system.

Deltha Pharma regularly strives to achieve fully sustainable management in every aspect of the company’s operations. The programme, which started 1st January 2020, includes a series of changes that affect both daily life in the company and certain aspects of the products.

Delthapharma contributes to green initiatives to make our planet better and is committed to incentivising ‘virtuous behaviour’ in suppliers and subcontractors involved.

logo ifos IFOS 5 STARS Certification

In the International markets there are many Omega-3 products. However, it hard to find high-quality ones!

The best-known quality certification is that represented by the IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards) mark, a protocol of analyses carried out by an independent body (Nutrasource) that strictly and rigorously analyses the compositional quality of fish oil and estimates

  • the percentage of omega-3
  • the presence of contaminants
  • the chemical and physical stability

IFOS certification is therefore synonymous with absolute quality! All our Meganet batches are IFOS certified. Check our certified batches at this address.