ferroC ® 30 Capsules


  • Supports iron and vitamin C deficiency states.
  • Helps reduce tiredness and fatigue
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Food supplement of Iron and Vitamin C.

ferroC® is a highly bioavailable micronized super-dispersed iron pyrophosphate and vitamin C supplement.
The iron present is produced through a unique and innovative technological process of super-dispersion by which a new physical form of the pyrophosphate iron salt is obtained with the following characteristics:

  • heat stability
  • oxidation stability
  • masking the taste and the unpleasant smell
  • neutralization of gastric irritability after oral administration

This production process is inspired by the technology of emulsions: it creates a super-dispersed particle system that is able to convey the iron salt.
This "super emulsion", called Nutrition Delivery System (NDS) has as its premise the micronization of iron salt powder up to nanoparticles, with an average diameter of 0.5 μm.
In this way a much higher solubility of the unformulated iron is obtained, in fact this type of iron does not cause precipitates, and a greater bioavailability and ease of absorption.
In fact, there is a controlled release of iron ion from the super-dispersion system matrix.

ferroC® - product strength

  • Source of high bioavailability and slow-release iron thanks to nanoparticle technology (Sunactive®)
  • High gastric tolerability, no unpleasant taste and odor
  • Addition of Vitamin C to further improve absorption

ferroC ®

  • gluten free
  • lactose free
  • Titanium Dioxide free

Product included in the supplement register of the Italian Ministry of Health under the no. 72896

Disclaimer: The information provided represents general information, is not intended to constitute a diagnosis, and in no way replaces medical advice. You should rely on the advice of your doctor and/or a specialised expert.

Composition: 1 capsule
Sunactive® 375,00 mg
Of which Super-dispersed micronized iron 30,00 mg
Vitamin C 80,00 mg

ferroC® is a food supplement containing iron and vitamin C for support in deficiency states.


ferroC® contains microencapsulated ferric pyrophosphate (Sunactive® Fe: 30 mg), a formulation obtained thanks to the microparticle technology and approved by the FDA. The production involves the micronization of pyrophosphate iron into particles with an average diameter of 0.5μm (nanoparticles) dispersed in an emulsion to facilitate controlled absorption and to prevent precipitation (Nutrition Delivery System). This results in high bioavailability and slow release.
Furthermore, the super-dispersion process guarantees a form of pyrophosphate iron with unique characteristics: heat and oxidation stability, high gastric tolerability, no unpleasant taste and odor, no toxicity. In addition, the amount of Sunactive® Fe in Iron C satisfies the recommended daily average intake (RDA).

Vitamin C

The enrichment with Vitamin C (80 mg) further assures a better iron absorption, as ascorbic acid helps to maintain the oxidation state of iron (Fe2+) suitable for being internalized in enterocytes.

We recommend taking 1 capsule a day with water, preferably on an empty stomach.

  • When is it recommended to take FerroC®? FerroC is a source of highly bioavailable iron, supplemented with vitamin C to improve absorption. Take 1 cpasule daily with water or as directed by your doctor. The nanoparticle formulation and Nutrition Delivery System technology ensure stability, high absorption and slow release, masking of unpleasant odour and taste and neutralisation of gastric irritability
  • Is it preferable to take FerroC® on an empty or full stomach? Preferably on an empty stomach to avoid interference with food. In the event of gastric upset, take before meals
  • Does it contain gluten and lactose? No, ferroC® does not contain Gluten and does not contain Lactose


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