GLUCAdel ® 30 Tablets


It is recommended

  • During periods of stress and seasonal changes to support the body’s natural defences.
  • For a supportive and restorative action.
  • In cases of mental and physical stress, allergies, autoimmune diseases, recurrences of cystitis and candidiasis.
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Food supplement based on Betaglucan, Echinacea, Rosehip, Red Grape seeds Lactoferrin and Zinc to help Immune system.

Beta-glucan is a polysaccharide extracted from the cell wall of yeast and has an immunomodulatory effect by stimulating macrophages.
Echinacea has an antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal effect, as well as an important immunostimulating effect through an increase in leucocytes.
Rose hip is the most important natural source of vitamin C in existence, providing up to 100 times the amount of common citrus fruits.
GLUCAdel® is a food supplement based on principles that may be useful when the body's natural defences are altered due to age, stress, infection or a poor diet.
The components of GLUCAdel®, acting in synergy, support the immune system by keeping the body's defences active, especially during those times of the year when it is necessary to effectively counteract cooling problems caused by seasonal temperature changes.

Glucadel® - product strength

  • The synergy of beta-glucan, echinacea, rose hip and zinc to support immune defenses
  • A natural source of resveratrol and vitamins A and C against free radicals
  • Useful to better be ready for seasonal diseases and face up to common infections

The use is recommended in cases of mental and physical stress, allergies, autoimmune diseases, recurrences of cystitis and candidiasis.

GLUCAdel ®

  • Gluten free

Product included in the supplement register of the Italian Ministry of Health under the no. 46684

Disclaimer: The information provided represents general information, is not intended to constitute a diagnosis, and in no way replaces medical advice. You should rely on the advice of your doctor and/or a specialised expert.

Composition: 1 tablet
Betaglucan 200,00 mg
Rosehip Fruit (tit. 70%) 115,00 mg
Vitamin C 80,00 mg
Red Grapes Seeds (tit. 95%) 50,00 mg
Proanthocyanidines 47,50 mg
Echinacea 50,00 mg
Lactoferrin 50,00 mg
Zinc 5,00 mg

Food supplement based on the synergy of beta-glucan, rose hip, grape seeds, echinacea, lactoferrin and zinc to support the immune system.

Beta-glucan ((1,3) – (1,6) -beta-D-glucan)

GLUCAdel® contains a high dosage (200 mg) of a particular Beta-glucan ((1,3) – (1,6) -beta- D-glucan) extracted from the cell wall of the yeast Saccharomices cerevisiae. It is able to bind and activate proteins of the cell membrane involved both in the immune response and in the activation of the defenses after exposure to pathogens, such as the TLR (Tolllike receptors), the CR3 (Complement receptor 3) and the Dectin-1 protein. As a consequence of beta-glucan exposure, the body develops a state of activation and a general increase in resistance against pathogens. The versatility of the beta-glucan molecule, ie the ability of mimicking antigens of various origins (non-selectivity), makes it ideal to prepare the body to face more than one noxae patogenae and to react better under conditions of debilitating psycho-physical stress.

Rose hip (Rose hip fruit)

GLUCAdel® contains 80 mg of 100% natural Vitamin C derived from Rosa Canina, which is its most concentrated source in the world, even more than citrus fruits. It is a bushy shrub of wild rose whose berries are used, as they are rich in essential oils that have the ability to strengthen the immune system, prevent diseases from cooling (cold, flu, sore throat), support the respiratory and urinary tract and to act as depurative and anti-inflammatory.

Grape seeds

GLUCAdel® also contains the grape seed extract (50 mg) already known in natural medicine for its beneficial properties. Infact in the seeds of the grapes are contained substances such as phenolic acids, proanthocyanidins (present in the GLUCAdel® in 47.50 mg), vitamins C and E and resveratrol. As a whole, grape seeds show purifying properties, improve the quality of the skin and hair, and act as anti-inflammatories. They are also excellent antioxidants: able to counteract the oxidative damage induced by free radicals, they support, stabilize and strengthen the immune system. They are also known as natural antibacterial and antifungals.

Echinacea (Echinacea angustifolia)

GLUCAdel® contains dry extract of Echinacea root (50 mg), a perennial herbaceous plant known as immunomodulator, anti-inflammatory, as a help to counteract seasonal illnesses, having shown in a recent study, efficacy comparable to Tamiflu (Curr Ther Res Clin Exp. 2015. Apr 20; 77: 66-72. Effect of an Echinacea-Based Hot Drink Versus Oseltamivir in Influenza Treatment: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Double-Dummy, Multicenter, Noninferiority Clinical Trial. Rauš K, Pleschka S, Klein P, Schoop R, Fisher P). In fact, Echinacea acts as a natural antibiotic having bacteriostatic and virustatic properties (inhibition of bacterial growth and viral multiplication). The constituents are mainly flavonoids, polyphenols, essential oils and caffeic acid derivatives, among which the phenylpropanoid Echinacoside (titrated 4%), consisting of two units of glucose and one of rhamnose, synthesized by the plant as defence against pathogens.


GLUCAdel® contains Zinc (5 mg), an essential microelement for cells, which enhances the immunomodulatory, antibacterial-antiviral-antifungal action and protects the body’s cells from free radicals. Its activity is also known because it increases the production of seminal fluid.

We recommend taking 1 tablet a day or as prescribed by your doctor, before meals, preferably not rich in fat and dairy products.

  • When is it recommended to take GLUCAdel®? One tablet a day. Can be taken during periods of stress and at seasonal changes to support the body’s natural defences. It has a supportive and restorative action.
  • Is it preferable to take GLUCAdel® on an empty or full stomach? Before meals preferably not rich in fat and dairy products.
  • Does it contain gluten? No, GLUCAdel® does not contain gluten


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